Frenching The Bully is co-written and directed by Florence Keith-Roach and Freddy Syborn. Florence likes disco, Pink Narcissus and dressing as a young Miss Marple. Freddy humiliates himself in public, whether he likes it or not. She is an optimist and extrovert; he is a pessimist and creep. All they have in common is a shared passion for the Seattle grunge band, The Gits.

It's the story of a long succession of put-downs, botched trysts, and spiked rosé-drenched dreams of artistic success. Funny, woozy, sad and a bit creepy, like the feeling of waking up next to your best friend on a night bus terminating somewhere weird in Zone 6, having singularly failed to mack on anyone and in that peaceful lull just before the comedown crushes you.